东南亚拥有世界上最好的旅游目的地,巴厘岛也不例外。选择去巴厘岛是难以置信的,and the time there is beautiful.

The friendliness of the Balinese is overwhelming in a good way,something we could all learn from.他们热衷于了解你的故事,也热衷于让你体验巴厘岛提供的一切,无论你走到哪里,他们都能感受到。菜肴生动活泼,with spices that enhance flavor and bring to life the local ingredients.Well-designed spaces are staples of most places in Bali and the 必威betway88hotels are some of the best I have ever seen.

My husband and I retreated to Bali to be immersed in the culture and have some down time.在大热来临之前,我们大多数上午都在外面探险。Then in the afternoon,我们回到旅馆,读我们的书,took yoga classes,在游泳池边放松。在晚上,we emerged back into town to grab a bite or watch the sunset.你可以使巴厘岛成为你想要的活动或放松的地方,取决于你的兴趣。



  • 强烈推荐旅行保险。Though it is well-developed,它仍然是东南亚。
  • 出租车很多,可以协商,只收现金。
  • Don't step on offerings.Throughout the streets you'll find offerings in banana leaves,请不要踩他们。
  • 每个人都很友好,而且非常亲切。准备好被问到很多问题,比如你去过哪里,去过哪里,这是他们社区文化的一部分,and it is great to return the questions too.
  • In the area of Uluwatu,it is controlled by an association for transport.这意味着没有出租车或乌伯可以搭乘,你必须支付他们的价格。对非常陡峭的价格做好准备。
  • Bring sunscreen!The UV rays are incredibly dangerous.蚊子喷雾也是必须的。
  • 许多战争都集中在一个菜肴上,like babi guling (suckling pig),so when heading somewhere that is named a dish this is why.
  • English is widely spoken.
  • Drink only bottled water or else get the infamous Bali belly.
  • 小费是意料不到的,但你应该给点小费。
  • WiFi并不总是最快的。
  • Best time of year to visit Bali:理想情况下,你需要最好的天气和最少的人群。The dry season runs May to September.


The first day always seems to be a blur when you land somewhere new.土地,get refreshed at the hotel,在睡个好觉之前吃一顿饭。
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Stay: The Katamama


第三天:Seminyak+Tanah Lot
在一天中最热的时候,I personally would retreat to the pool to cool off.在当地的温泉浴场做按摩,长途旅行后确实很神奇。今夜,租一辆车在塔纳楼看日落。Be sure to get here early to grab a spot.


你会发现乌巴德的节奏比较慢,and you could easily spend a week here.早晨非常适合探险,下午适合读一本好书,spa,or yoga.
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Day 6: Ubud
One of the best first experiences has to be a sunrise walk at Campuhan Ridge Walk.Wake up early for a beautiful walk along the ride.In the afternoon explore town or take a yoga class.

Early in the morning depart for Tegalalang Rice Fields to see the magic of these terraces.We arrived at sunrise and had the entire place to ourselves.我们花了几个小时探索稻谷梯田的迷宫。We went into town for lunch and enjoyed popping in and out of the shops.在城外待了两个晚上之后,we switched 必威betway88hotels to closer to town for a change of scenery.

Day 8: Ubud
从Bisma 8很容易到达,体验猴子森林总是很有趣。我们非常喜欢它,我们去了两次,因为看到猴子跳来跳去,人们喂它们真是不可思议。我们在游泳池边度过了一个下午,凉快地享受着旅馆。

Day 9: Ubud
至此,你会完成乌布特有的大部分工作。We took the time to really just do nothing and relax.However,if you are looking for something to do,到巴图尔山去日出远足真是太棒了。

The voyage takes a bit to get to the coastline,you should budget around 2.5 hours.安顿下来,欣赏风景。
Stay:Sal's Secret Spot

Wake up and enjoy the close walk to Bingin Beach.在乌鲁瓦图,海滩日绝对是旅游的好去处。水也非常温暖。在Bukit咖啡厅也吃午饭!!

Day 12: Uluwatu
Beach day at Padang Padang if you want a change of scenery,只是要为更多的人群做好准备。你也可以跳到乌鲁瓦图海滩去拿鲁碗吃午饭,或者去单人鱼场吃点东西。It's an amazing spot to watch sunset.

Day 13: Uluwatu
The Uluwatu Temple is definitely great to see and it's beautifully set along the coastline.当心猴子!They're more aggressive than their neighbors in Ubud. If you want a change of scenery,星期日海滩俱乐部正在举办,你可以花一个价钱进入,a chair,皮艇。

预订一辆出租车,并期待大量的交通量到达机场。这个的预算时间!Happy travels home.
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