Amsterdam — this unique city is the capital of the The Netherlands and a gateway through time.As you meander through the city,you feel as though you have been transported back to the 17th century.然而,当一辆车在不可能狭窄的道路上挤向你时,你很快就会回到现实中去——也许是无尽的博物馆或古雅的运河让你能够穿越时空。阿姆斯特丹是以一种理想的方式将新旧融合在一起的城市之一。

What was once a fishing village,阿姆斯特丹成为世界上最重要的贸易中心之一。With more than 1,500 bridges,the Dutch learned how to navigate and use the water that seemingly engulfed their city.阿姆斯特丹是一些最独特的建筑的所在地。Due to the terrain that surrounds the city which is mostly swamp-like conditions,他们意识到他们必须在木桩上建房。The stilts that were driven into the ground before construction began are now beginning to rot,causing the houses to tilt and sink.In addition to these conditions,the Dutch people were also taxed on the frontage or the width of their home.他们是不断进步的人,他们把家建得又窄又深,in turn creating the quaint crooked canal houses we see today.

Upon arriving,you will begin to notice that just about everywhere you look needs to be captured on camera.只有建筑会让你脖子痛,更不用说各种各样的运河了,以及历史遗迹。While some people might assume that visiting Amsterdam is strictly for the progressive lifestyle (The Red Light District and legalization of marijuana),在每年开花一次的郁金香之间,这个城市还有更多的东西可以提供给穿过安妮·弗兰克房子的谦卑体验。对于在阿姆斯特丹发现自己的不同旅行者来说,一切都有一点点;无论是文化还是历史,艺术,the party scene,时尚,烹饪乐趣,or just the charm of an old European city.

阿姆斯特丹是你必须列入旅游名单的城市之一。Be sure to stop by if you make your way to Belgium,德国或者法必威betway88国。享受历史,美丽的建筑,还有华丽的运河。



+ Walk Around
Get familiar with the city on foot.有时,最好的发现发生在漫无目的地走动时。Don't be afraid to get lost!Tip: be sure to have map on hand just in case.

One of my favorite things to do in a new city is to find a local cafe and pretend to be a local.带一本书或一本日记来享受。提示:记得找咖啡馆“in Amsterdam,not"coffee shops"–咖啡店不供应咖啡。

+ Eat Traditional Dutch Food
As the concierge told me,"鱼刚从水里跳出来,就在你的盘子里。”Be prepared for some delicious fish and potatoes in the heart of Holland.


This should be on the top of everyone's list when headed to Amsterdam.这是最离奇和最卑微的经历之一。小贴士:一定要尽快在网上买票。The slots fill up quickly and the regular admission line wraps around the building well before 9am.

+ Rent a Bike
有什么比以前更好的方法来探索自行车之城?you guessed it,bicycle!你将能够以自己的步调看到城市的许多地方,这无疑是这次旅行的一个亮点。

+ Eat Dutch-Indonesian
当荷兰人殖民印度尼西亚时,他们高兴地欢迎美味的印尼菜进入他们的饮食。前往传统Rijsttafel的long pura,字面意思是rice table".Tip: Be sure to come hungry,as the whole table will be covered with plates.

Day 3

+ Hop on the Train
Don't be confined to one city — beautiful Rotterdam and nearby Haarlem are just a train ride away.Let spontaneity take over and explore another neighboring Dutch town!!

Be sure to treat yourself to more of the Dutch specialties.鲱鱼,薯条和蛋黄酱,频闪饼只是荷兰美味佳肴的开始。Get outside of your comfort zone and try a bit of the Dutch cuisine.Tip: There are food stands all over the city,be sure to keep your eyes open!!

乘船游览北部的威尼斯——这里不缺运河之旅,so hop in one and get out your camera – the scenes are unparalleled!Tip: The evening tours can be particularly beautiful with the canals lit up so grab your Dutch treats beforehand,sit back,带上风景。

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Guest post and photographs by Natasha Pleis


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